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Membership in NHASP is More Important NOW Than Ever Before

New Hampshire principals ensure learning for all children. We support our colleagues with resources and represent elementary, middle and high school principals in all arenas. Together our leadership can influence change to assure a quality education for all New Hampshire children.

NHASP’s Mission

To foster the development of highly engaged, inspired and innovative educational leaders for the advancement of educational excellence and equity for all learners.

Vision of NHASP

We believe in a future where all school leaders – in commitment to the success of every student – will leverage the power of collaborative relationships to advance the profession and will serve as vital and supportive advocates for educational equity and opportunity

Gain the Advantage of Membership in NHASP

Expert Advice – Full time Association personnel trained to meet your needs are just a phone call away.

Collaborative Activity – Works in full partnership with other associations to improve the public image of education by serving as an advocate for students.

Advocacy – Testimony given before the State Board of Education, Legislature and Professional Standards Board. NHASP works actively and effectively on State and National Legislation.

Salary Survey – The NHASP Salary and Benefit Survey is published each September. It gives salary comparisons for the entire state. This survey information is most helpful during your budget preparation.

Job Vacancies – Openings are posted on the NHASP website as they become available.

Professional Development & Networking – Opportunity to participate in timely programs to assist professionals in developing and maintaining high quality job skills.


Dues Categories*

  • Full Membership – Available to principals, assistant principals, teaching principals, vocational directors, supervisors, department heads, directors and coordinators who administer or supervise educational programs and/or staff for at least 50% of their working day.
  • Associate Membership – Available to individuals not eligible for full membership. This includes those who serve in an administrative position in a regional, state or national education agency or association, college or university, or those who teach persons preparing for a professional career in educational administration.
  • Special Membership – Available to former principals, aspiring principals, university personnel, teachers, or other interested people not mentioned above.
  • Retired Membership – Available to retired principals and assistant principals.
  • Special Member Plus – Available to special members with the additional benefit of job counseling and mock interview.

*categories determined by position – not choice

What Other Principals Say About NHASP

“NHASP has provided members a strong base of support to help principals be the best they can be! The leadership of the Association has vision and is committed to maintaining a high quality of member services.”

“NHASP has recognized middle level education not only in philosophy but also in its inclusion on the Board of Directors. Middle grades’ leadership has been advanced significantly.”

“Professional organization that represents the interest of all building level administrators.” NHASP works with you and for YOU!

Where Principals Gain a Professional Edge

Become a member of NHASP, and you’ll be part of a dynamic organization that helps you deal with the daily challenges of preparing our children for the 21st Century.

With our help, you can:

  • Bring out the best in your staff
  • Improve curriculum and instruction
  • Motivate student achievement
  • Develop new discipline skills
  • Stimulate parent involvement
  • Create better community relations
  • Enrich staff development
  • Heighten classroom management

We know you need practical solutions to real world problems. All of our publications, conferences, and workshops are developed with input from New Hampshire principals like you………giving you ideas that work!



The National Voice for Elementary, Middle and High School Leaders

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) provides the network, resources, and support that connects you to over 27,000 elementary and middle school Principals.

NAESP provides you with leading-edge information or advancement and improvements of education. Our popular “Standards” series establishes guidelines for developmentally appropriate programs and school leadership proficiencies. We established these research-based standards for the profession – standards that give you goals to strive for, and a provide a true measure of your success.

Legal Assistance to Protect Your Professional Investment

More and more, the challenges you face may come from outside your school and be directed personally at you. What would you do if you found yourself fired, reassigned, demoted, turned down for promotion, or subjected to discrimination? NAESP supports your right to due process…When you belong to NAESP; you can call on the Legal Assistance for Principals (LAP) program and receive up to $5,000 for legal services for qualifying job-related matters. Defendants in eligible civil suits can receive up to $14,500 in legal aid and up to $1,000,000 for the payment of judgements or settlements. Deductibles apply, and amounts available depend on years of continuous membership. You’ve worked hard to get where you are.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) is the country’s premier organization for middle level and high school principals. With more than 40,000 members and growing, the NASSP is a strong and dynamic voice in our nation’s capital – promoting excellence in school leadership – to Congress, the Administration, and the national media.

The Link to Critical Issues

NASSP provides valuable insight into today’s most pressing issues, offering award-winning publications to keep you up to date and assist you in meeting the challenges of leading your school.

The Protection You Deserve

Every year, actual or threatened litigation costs school administrators thousands of hours and dollars. To reduce your vulnerability and allow you to concentrate on what you do best – helping young people succeed – NASSP provides:

  • $1,000,000 in professional liability protection for civil cases that arise from actions taken against members in their professional capacity.
  • Up to $5,000 in assistance for legal services related to job positions or benefits.
  • Updates on the latest legal developments affecting educational administration. Plus, informal advice and assistance is always available!