Salary Survey

Each year, the NHASP publishes a principal salary and benefits survey for its members. The purpose of this is to help you, your superintendent and your board to set a fair compensation and benefits package for you, the school leader.

We recognize that this salary and benefit survey is simply one point of reference for you to gain a statewide context for other school leaders earn for salaries and benefits. It is merely a reference tool to assist in the process. You are strongly encouraged to work closely with your supervisor to set goals and to develop evidence which shows that you are making progress toward meeting these goals while, at the same time,  promptly addressing any areas of concern.

In this period during which we share the totality of the site with everyone, we can not, unfortunately, publish the New Hampshire Salary Survey to the public. the Salary Survey is Members Only information!

If you need a copy, please contact the NHASP office.